The not-so-true
story of toru...

Tony was born September of 2005 in a small town in Oklahoma. The youngest of nine, he was literally raised in a lap of luxury. Personal chefs, spa baths, mani-pedis and custom bowls filled with Fiji water were the norm.
Yet despite his privileged upbringing, Tony wanted to dig for something more. Read more...
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About us

Vanessa Rossman and Susan Levine joined forces as partners in crime when they first met in High School. Both sharing a love for music, style (albeit sometimes bad – hey, it was the 80’s) and a sense of humor (think Betty and Wilma laughing at their own jokes), formed an everlasting bond between the two.

Even though they were geographically separated during the college years, both coincidentally, wound up with careers in advertising.

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Vanessa’s extensive knowledge of production and attention to detail has landed her at some of the nation’s hottest advertising agencies.

With a background in art, Susan went on to become an award winning Creative Director.
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She has worked with many A-list celebrities and has earned herself an Emmy nomination. (Which gave her parents down in Boca very good bragging material.)

Today, still with their sense of humor intact, keen sense of style, and unconditional love for their furry pals, Tony & Rudy, Vanessa and Susan have formed TORU. A brand new lifestyle company with one mission in mind -- to rock your dog’s world.

Their creative expertise, savvy production skills, and love for those who walk on all fours combined make for a great team who are ready to make their debut in the canine fashion industry.

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