About us

Vanessa Rossman and Susan Levine joined forces as partners in crime when they first met in High School. Both sharing a love for music, style (albeit sometimes bad – hey, it was the 80’s) and a sense of humor (think Betty and Wilma laughing at their own jokes), formed an everlasting bond between the two.

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The not-so-true story of TORU

Tony was born September of 2005 in a small town in Oklahoma. The youngest of nine, he was literally raised in a lap of luxury. Personal chefs, spa baths, mani-pedis and custom bowls filled with Fiji water were the norm.

Yet despite his privileged upbringing, Tony wanted to dig for something more. So, armed with a travel crate, a small Ziploc kibble bag, and his wee wee pads, Tony set out for the life of the New York City’s jet set. But it wasn’t going to be that simple. Unfortunately, after completing the first leg of his trip, his connecting flight in Dallas was abruptly cancelled due to weather. Now, stranded at the airport and alone, Tony didn’t know what fate had in mind for him that day.

But he would soon find out when he met Rudy in Terminal 3.
Rudy, born the summer of ’94, was a bastard child. His bitch of a mother, Peaches, left all of her young to fend for themselves in the battle-tested back streets of Georgia. Rudy, the youngest of his litter, had no choice but to fight for his survival. His chances were greatly increased when Rudy discovered his hidden talent for music and formed the Indie band “The Butthole Sniffers”. Playing at fire hydrants, alleys and public parks, the “Sniffers” soon had quite a following. Then, one fateful afternoon while performing Backyard of Broken Dreams, they were discovered by Sir Martin Von Schnauzer of Woof Records, a dog notorious for sniffing out bands like “The Poo Fighters”, “Twisted Setter” and “Muttley Crew”, and were promptly given a one way ticket to Hollywood.

It was there, at their connection in the Dallas airport, where Rudy met Tony, and the rest was history.