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Vanessa Rossman and Susan Levine joined forces as partners in crime when they first met in High School. Both sharing a love for music, style (albeit sometimes bad – hey, it was the 80’s) and a sense of humor (think Betty and Wilma laughing at their own jokes), formed an everlasting bond between the two.

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The not-so-true story of TORU
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The combination of Rudy’s musical talent and Tony’s pretty boy good looks proved irresistible to a generation of young pups literally begging for a new treat.

They formed the band “The Dogs” and released Mount me 2 times babe, which quickly rose to the top of the charts. “The Dogs” were an overnight success. But fame, fortune, and females would soon take a toll on them: one legendary night in Seattle, Tony drank too much and relieved himself on stage. “The dogs” were soon banned in 20 states. Rudy’s destructive side began to show. He tore up one hotel room after another, chewing on furniture and eating through wires. The ill-fated “Waiting for the Bone Tour” was cancelled. Creative differences led to vicious dogfights. Shortly, the band broke up.
Tony went off to pursue his solo career under the moniker Sir Hump-a-lot, where his debut Woofalicious topped the charts for twenty-six straight weeks. Tony was rolling in the dough. But, as history repeats itself, fame got the best of him again. After being caught lip-synching on the popular talk show, Late Night with Fifi, the truth was out.
Sir-hump-a-lot would at best be remembered as a mere asterisk on the pages of Rock and Roll history, or at worst, an invitation to be on the Surreal Life.

Around the same time, Rudy dipped his paw into acting, making his debut in Pincher’s ground-breaking film Bark Club. Despite his success on the big screen, something seemed to be missing for both Tony and Rudy, and the loneliness of Tinsel Town set in.

Both longed to rock again.

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