Jan 2008

Meet the newest member of the TORU team, Jack!

studly jack

Jack is Rudy’s new brother. When Jack’s original owner passed away he was sent to the local shelter.  Jamie of Jamie’s Rescue down in Miami, Florida was doing one of her daily visits to the shelter and noticed Jack crying and scared in his cage, immediately she decided to bring him home to foster. Jack was malnourished, scared and scratched up – a lot for a pup to have been through so early in his life.  Lucky for him, Vanessa was looking to rescue a dog from Paws 4 You Rescue. When Jen at Paws 4 You had heard about Jack’s situation from Jamie’s rescue group, she was quick to put them in touch with Vanessa. The second Jack and Vanessa met, it was love! We’re happy to say that Jack quickly adapted to the good life of belly rubs,  treats, and lot’s of love. He loves going to work with Vanessa and certainly keeps Rudy on his feet. Vanessa and Jack are grateful to both rescue groups for putting them together.
So when Jack heard that Paws 4 You Rescue is looking to raise funds for an adoption van, he wanted to help out. They’ve rescued 100’s of dogs from being euthanized in Southern Florida in 2007, but feel that they can be helping so many more if they had their own van (opposed to renting one each time). They found this cool organization that is running a fundraising event sponsored through Parade Magazine & the Case Foundation, called Networkforgood.org which enables non-profit organizations to raise funds through donations. Jack encourages you to log in and donate any amount you can or simply spread the word to help out his friends at Paws 4 You. (The fundraising drive ends on Jan. 31st.)


Jack thanks you & sends you a big sloppy kiss Happyrudy & jack