May 2010


This is Nestle our most recent foster from Paws4You Rescue. This cute little chocolate poodle got under our skin immediately! Even Tony let him share his bed with him =) Have no clue how someone could abandon a dog like this. Two girls found him wandering around with no tag, not neutered & no chip! Poor little guy was covered in fleas and had worms from being out on his own. Luckily he was brought over to Dr. Oliveira who volunteers with Paws and she fixed him up! It was only a matter of days before the applications came pouring in to adopt our little guy! Luckily, an awesome couple with a little dog named Ziggy fell in love with him. It was hard giving him up (as it always is with fosters) but from the looks of this picture, it looks like Nestle and Ziggy will be BFFs forever =) Please adopt!
nestle2sleepy dogs