Nov 2007

Good Dog Benefit

The Good Dog Foundation’s second annual bash was at Barneys New York last Tuesday night. We thought it was pretty cool of Barneys to donate their penthouse for the benefit. It was the perfect chic setting for New York’s Good Dog supporters (and Susan’s secret fantasy of seeing Barneys after hours). When we heard there was going to be a silent auction, we were more than happy to put together a basket of TORU tees. From original artwork to botox, you name it; it was on the auction block. The party was a success!

Okay, now this is the part where we’re going to get a little mushy. The Good Dog Foundation is an amazing organization that has developed a program for training volunteers and their dogs to become certified for animal assisted therapy programs at healthcare facilities, community programs, and disaster relief. The reason why we are writing about this is because the Good Dog Foundation holds a special place in our hearts. You see Tony is a “Good Dog”. He went through 8 weeks of training and graduated last spring under the guidance & supervision of the wonderful Susy Nastasi. Ever since, he has been volunteering on a regular basis. The experience has had a tremendous impact on our lives and we cannot say enough how rewarding it is to see the difference a dog can make in the lives of those we help.

Tony is currently working on his blogging skills so he can share his stories & adventures as a therapy dog with you. For information about the foundation click here: