Nov 2010

We Love Lucy!

In the spirit of giving thanks we thought we'd share our little adventure with a pooch we named Lucy.
Three weeks ago this sweet little baby girl was found in the Valet parking lot of One Miami (aka: Toru Headquarters =). The concierge of the West tower found her and couldn't believe how a little pup could be left behind. Luckily, he knew that there are a ton of dog loving peeps at One Miami. He immediately contacted the building's resident dog guru/sitter, Leilany -- who then called us knowing that we work with Paws 4 You Rescue. Paws 4 You immediately got us an appointment with Dr. Oliviera and we took baby Lucy right over. Of course she had no chip and being that this was downtown Miami, there was no way a little 4 lb. puppy made it across the busy city streets and up to our building on her own. We hung up signs hoping she simply got lost at the building. But no one responded. We all began to realize that she was probably dumped at a dog friendly building on purpose. Lucky for Lucy, she was found before it was too late. She had a protruding belly full of worms and gums as white as paper. Ears filled with dirt and malnourished. Even though this pup had just been through g-d knows what, her tail never stopped wagging! Dr. O gave Lucy a booster, dewormer, antibiotics and vitamins. We gave her tons of love & care as all the dog lovers at our building pitched in with taking care of this cutey! Over the course of 3 weeks Lucy showed amazing improvement and had celebrity status at One Miami. Her gums were pink, belly went down & her coat was like velvet. Once deemed healthy and up to date with her boosters, Lucy was ready to be adopted out. Paws 4 You put her up on their site and she instantly received a lot of applications from loving families.
After screening candidates, we felt really great about a young couple in Coral Gables who recently moved into their new home. We brought Lucy over for a home visit and it was love at first sight =) Five days later, it was time for Lucy to go to her forever home. It was really tough saying goodbye to this little girl, but always heartwarming to help find a loving home! In this case, it "voluntarily" took a small village to help out this pup in need and we have to say that we are so incredibly thankful for all the great, caring people we have in our community.
Please support your local rescue groups and thank them for the amazing work they do Happy
For more information on adopting visit: