LIXX: A new beginning

On June 1, Tony Levine shocked the world by announcing his return to music, forming the new bark-rock supergroup LIXX.


It had been 3 years since Levine’s previous group, seminal psychedelic dog-rockers “The Dogs” collapsed amidst a sea of bitches, soiled carpets, snausage addictions, and creative differences, and the public seemed unsure of the motives behind this rock comeback.

Levine says started one day, when he awoke from a dog-biscuit induced haze and decided it was time to give back to a world that had been so good to him. On the advice of his controversial guru, the Dali LLapso, Levine joined The Good Dog Foundation, a paws-on program where Levine and other canine volunteers serve as therapy dogs.

He threw himself snout first into the program, and it was through his work as a therapy dog that the foundation of LIXX was laid.

“Therapy dogs are givers,” Levine said. “We are out there making the world a better place by visiting hospitals and comforting senior citizens. We have a passion for this kind of thing. I started to think, can’t I do more good for this world by rocking out? Isn’t it selfish for me to keep this kind of raw talent to myself when the world desperately needs the kind of honest, soul-churning, bone-rattling rock that only a precious few can deliver?”


The band is currently recording their first release, Lucid Treat, at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY under the TORU label.

Levine granted us a unique and exclusive view of LIXX at work in the studio, allowing us unprecedented insight into the creation of Lucid Treat.



BY DAY: Volunteers at Hassenfeld NYU Children’s outpatient hospital, providing companionship and entertainment for children undergoing chemotherapy and transfusions for blood diseases. At P.S. 96 a public school in Harlem, he participates in a reading program where children who are slow readers read to dogs.

BY NIGHT: Lead singer of LIXX. With his howling Halfordesque vocals and songwriting abilities that combine the collective talents of Lennon, McCartney, and Prince, everything he touches turns to solid rock gold. Known to have multiple partners female, male, & leg.

BACKGROUND: Formerly of the seminal psychedelic bark-rock ensemble, The Dogs, where he revolutionized the position of rock front man by engaging his audience in ways not seen since his two-legged counterpart Jim Morrison. Often appearing nude and under the influence of both kibbles and bits, the band’s career was almost threatened after he was impounded for relieving himself onstage. After a brief and bizarre solo rap career under the moniker Sir Hump-a-lot and a meteoric rise to the top of the fashion world - Tony returns back to his roots as a true rocker to form LIXX.


Jon “The Animal” BoneHam

BY DAY: Certified by good dog for two years J.B. has taken a special liking to children.  Jon Volunteers at P.S. 96 elementary school’s reading program weekly and attends various fundraising events for The Good Dog Foundation.

BY NIGHT: Drummer for LIXX

BACKGROUND: Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, J.B. moved to New York City’s Upper East Side in October 2005. As a privileged young pup he was hyperactive with ADD tendencies -- music was the only thing that held his attention. Other pups called him Ewok which only added to his destructive behavior on stage. Showing a zeal for kicking and smashing his drums, J.B. soon acquired the nickname “Animal” and dozens of destroyed drum kits later, his place in rock history was secure.



BY DAY: Volunteers at Lenox Hill’s Senior Center, where he provides invaluable energy and joy to an Alzheimer’s patients group.

BY NIGHT: The lead guitarist is currently laying down his revolutionary riffs for LIXX. Hiro is rumored to have lost his eye in a catfight, but nobody who knows the truth is talking.  The only known fact is that his bitch dropped in unexpectedly during a tour with Muttley Crue in Japan, and when she got on her hastily booked return flight, Hiro only had one eye.  Sources say he is known to have an addiction to popping Yip Yaps –Hiro’s manager, Sir Henry of Dutchess, denies these allegations.

BACKGROUND: After losing his eye, he lost the will to play guitar and focused on volunteering as a therapy dog. When hearing about auditions for LIXX, fans urged him to rock again, and he found the rock bug was one bone he couldn’t bury for good.



FULL NAME: Zeena Bean Petunia Doon Miss Blackie White

BY DAY: Certified through The Good Dog Foundation, Zeena volunteers with R.E.A.D. as a Reading Education Assistance Dog. Her favorite book is Walter the Farting Dog.

BY NIGHT:  Keyboard player for LIXX. Engaged to the lead singer of the indie band Whizzer.

BACKGROUND: In her early days she played organ for the local church choir. But she was quickly bitten by a bad case of the rock ‘n roll pneumonia. In February of 2008, she joined the all girl band Spayer. At a mere four months, she was the youngest performer to ever set paws on stage at the Garden. While Spayer disintegrated due to personality conflicts, a blossoming modeling career led to a chance meeting with Tony Levine, who recognized her from Spayer and immediately asked her to join LIXX.



BY DAY: Volunteers at the Village Day Care Center – is known as the resident nose licker.

BY NIGHT: Bassist for LIXX

BACKGROUND: Veteren Bassist, Rascal is no stranger to the rock scene. Both parents hailed from musical backgrounds in France; his father was the bass player for Glitter Pup, and his mother was a member of riot grrrrls “bonejour” in the late 1990s. Rascal was practically born with a bass in his paws. After moving to America – Rascal went from one band to another. His boisterous personality was seemingly out of control both onstage and off. After fathering 152 pups in 38 states, (hey, he’s French) Rascal bowed out of the music scene and focused on giving back by becoming a Good Dog.